If you want to find tasty pizza food in Newington. Then there is an authentic restaurant  known as Best Pizza. This palace is better than all the other pizza restaurants in the town. Locals love their delicious pizzas as they offer a variety of pizza options. Recently they have added a new pizza in their menu which is “White B L T Pizza” topped up with Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mozzarella cheese.

In this blog, lets us found out what makes this restaurant best among the top Newington pizza places

  1. Quality Ingredients:

One reason why Best Pizza is special is because they only use the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Their pizzas are made with the best tomato sauce, premium cheeses, and carefully chosen toppings. Everything in their pizzas is really good. This commitment to finding the best ingredients makes sure that every piece has a strong and tasty taste.

  1. Masterful Craftsmanship:

Behind every mouthwatering pizza at Best Pizza is a team of skilled pizza artisans. These masterful craftsmen have honed their pizza-making skills over the years. Perfecting the art of creating the perfect crust by achieving the right balance of flavors. While ensuring even distribution of toppings. Their expertise is evident in every pie they create. Making each bite a delightful experience.

  1. Diverse Menu:

Best Pizza offers many different types of pizza options. Either you like classic Margherita or fresh veggies. They got you everything in one place.


Some great pizza options from their menu are as follows:

  • Best Pizza Combo with Hamburger, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni & sausage
  • California Dream Pizza with Roasted peppers, eggplant, olives, mushrooms & mozzarella
  • Mexican Connection Pizza, served with sautéed hamburger, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, jalapenos & parmesan
  • Italian Delight Pizza infused with Mushroom, onion, green peppers & sausage
  • Mediterranean Pizza topped up with Fresh tomato, olives, garlic, sweet roasted peppers & mozzarella
  1. Cozy Ambiance:

The warm and comfortable atmosphere at Best Pizza restaurant makes the dining experience even better. The restaurant has a pretty decoration with old posters and objects that bring back nostalgic and cozy feelings. This is a great place to have a good meal with your friends and family.

  1. Excellent Service:

In addition to the delicious pizzas, the helpful and nice staff at Best Pizza greatly improves the overall dining experience. They are welcomed with kindness and friendliness. The staff knows the menu in detail. And is always ready to suggest dishes and brings orders quickly. They want customers to feel important and well-taken care of.

  1. Customization Options:

Best Pizza tries very hard to please each person's specific likes and dislikes. They have many different food choices, and you can make your own pizza exactly how you want it. The pizza place wants to make sure that everyone can have their pizza exactly how they want it. They will change the spiciness, add more cheese, or use gluten-free crust if that's what you prefer.

  1. Clean and Hygienic Environment:

We always love to go to clean and germ-free restaurants. Because it is very important for our health to eat from a hygienic restaurant. And Best Pizza is excellent at keeping everything very clean. The pizzeria keeps its dining area and kitchen very clean to make sure its customers stay safe and healthy

  1. Constant Innovation:

They always try to innovate and make new pizza flavors and experiments with different toppings. They sometimes add new items to the menu, like special dishes for certain times of the year. Limited-time only creations and a mix of different types of pizzas to keep things interesting and new. This promise to come up with new ideas all the time makes sure that there is always something new to try and keeps customers coming back for more.

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Best Pizza: Restaurant Details

Address: 82 Pane Rd. Newington​​, CT 06111

Opens At: 10:45 AM

Min Order:  $10.00